Have different needs? Proctortrack offers 4 levels of Online Proctoring

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Some incidents involving test cheating are so bizarre that we think they’re one of a kind, but there are always some that top the list! For instance, this 17-year-old student in Singapore resorted to coughing fits to get answers through an earpiece during his exam. These ingenious, yet ridiculous means of cheating are often a result of extreme pressure and stress. Band these triggers with the anonymity and convenience of online testing, and you have the perfect breeding ground for cheating.

Cheating in online exams

A 2012 study of 635 undergraduates and graduate students by OnlineCollege.org, revealed that 32.7% of online students admit to cheating. In another study, 73% of online students admitted to cheating on at least 1 of 14 quizzes during a semester that was not proctored. Of the two, 56% of students admitted to cheating. Those are scary figures for Universities.

The anonymous nature of the Internet has provided for a testing culture that is rife with different forms of misconduct, deceit, and fraud that has cost institutions millions of dollars. With automated continuous identity verification and online remote proctoring system based on computer visioning, these integrity issues can be mitigated considerably, at scale.

Cheating by students is just one side of the coin. In some cases, the faculty is also caught responsible for misconduct. In particular, between 2012 and 2016, nearly 2,300 malpractice offenses were committed by staff in institutions offering OCR exams.

The online examination industry is expanding by leaps and bounds. Preserving the integrity of online tests is an absolute priority for educational institutions. Any breaches to their credibility can result in huge losses in terms of reputation and finance.


However, an automated proctoring and live proctoring with an AI solution like Proctortrack can beat cheaters at their own game. Proctortrack slams the brake on this double-dealing by adding AI-based analysis and machine learning to the monitoring process. It removes the likelihood of human errors and automates the whole process without disturbing the online exam setup.

Proctortrack by Verificient offers four levels of monitoring solutions which are tailor-made to suit the needs of different clients. For example, colleges might opt for a budget-friendly model for regular semester exams while higher education institutions might go for a robust hybrid model to conduct high-stake exams.

proctortrack dashboard is student friendly for invigilating online exams with the help of proctortrack. Proctortrack offers remote invigilation services to Remote Invigilation for eTests.


Levels of Proctortrack

Proctortrack | XL (Live Proctoring with AI) 

Real-time hybrid model that couples live remote human proctors with AI-enhanced auto proctoring intervention capabilities in cases of suspicious behaviors, cheating or aid a student. Testing integrity results are further analyzed with AI. Ideal for high stakes exams.

Proctortrack | QA (Quality Assured) 

This is a more robust version of Proctortrack | AI where the results from Stage-2 are further analyzed using a manual QA review process. Highest Fidelity Reports. 12-24 Hours Turnaround. Ideal for Midterms & Finals.

Proctortrack | AI (Artificial Intelligence)

delivers automated identity verification, data recording, and automated data analysis comprising of stage-1 and stage-2 described earlier. This process ensures strong accuracy results and faster turn around. Delivered within 6 hours.

Proctorlite (Browser Lockdown)

does automated identity verification plus data recording. The recorded proctoring data includes video, audio and desktop screenshots. The proctoring data is made available on the integrity review page for instructors for self-review. Real-time video data is available within 2-3 hours. Surely a strong deterrent to misconduct.

All these levels come with an added feature called the ‘Proctor Checkpoint’. Just like border control, Proctortrack conducts live pre-test on-boarding with identity verification and room scan.

For online education to realize its full potential, exams have to be supervised efficiently. Proctortrack has successfully conducted up to 2.5 million assessments and has delivered highly accurate results. In a nutshell, it secures the integrity of online exams by validating online credentials and also restores value and competency in education.