Proctortrack is making a difference by preventing cheating in E-Exams.

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What is the primary purpose of exams? Why is it essential to memorize everything and spend your time studying to give a hundred-mark paper? The main reason is to check and evaluate a student based on their abilities and skills. It may become bothersome when they can also play and waste their time on other activities.

Why Cheating In E-Exams Can Be A Big Concern

How to detect cheating on online exams

For some students, studying is the most hated thing. Why are exams such a big issue for them to resolve? Some students find it hard and go towards reckless ideas or alternative moves like sharing notes during exams. It can be easy to catch students cheating during onsite exams by setting up spy cameras in class to record every student and their movements.

But it is straightforward for students to cheat, especially in e-exams, as it is already very inconvenient to conduct online exams. Students can give exams anywhere if it is online, and E-exams are submitted remotely or primarily from homes without biological monitoring or proctors. As long as they have internet access, there is no guarantee whether a student cheated or not.

A compromise in the exam’s fairness and marking will reflect a negative image of a student’s capabilities.  As wrong marking of learning progress is an issue, cheating also plays a role in concern that you, as an educational instructor, should be very careful of.

Tips To Detect Cheatingc in E-Exams:

1. Voice And Sound Detection System

Students have discovered new ways of cheating and peaking in online exams.  With the help of the latest techs, the software can detect noises, sounds, and shadows in the background while the student appears on the screen. There are some cases where students take help from a second person sitting in the room along with them—devices like Siri or any other voice recognition device for narrating the answers to the examinee.

Many software is available to ease examiners’ burden to avoid or reduce such issues.

2. Online Proctoring System

During exam sessions, it becomes hard to tell which student is cheating or not. Of course, some students are loyal to their studies and try not to choose these heinous acts. But people who choose this path can do anything to pass their exams by any means necessary. For such cases, online proctoring systems are there to preserve academic honesty. This system includes:

• Locking down browser software:

In this process, the students are restricted from accessing different websites, applications or functions during that specific time. Some tests also require that the students are not even allowed to switch between different tabs or applications. The examinee stays on the same page because of screen monitoring.  

• Proctoring via live remote system:

Live proctoring is just like a physical monitoring process. Examiners can monitor the students remotely while the students are giving their exams. The difference is the examiner can watch multiple students at a time to save time and warn the students about punishment for misconducting.

• Blended online proctoring:

The system based on AI provides you with the benefits of automation and life to the proctor. The system monitors the student, and if any mishap occurs, it alerts the instructor for a less intimidating exam experience.

3. Monitoring Student Behavior Through Webcams

With the advancement in technology, some systems can recognize students’ actions; in this system, you can detect the actions and movements of students and tell whether they are prohibited or not, all to prevent students from seeking help from notes or google searches. In this system, the examiner can monitor the behavior of students remotely. Due to the pandemic crisis, few institutes are still following e-learning trends, and examiners get peace of mind because of this software. 

About Proctortrack and Its Contribution to Safeguard Online Exams

Proctortrack is the world’s most advanced proctoring solution that leverages automation and live proctoring using AI to deliver innovation, quality, and price leadership at scale. The number of students admitting to cheating has exponentially increased over the past five years, and cyber security risks are challenging. Our goal is to provide the right tools to institutions for conducting fair and secure in-classroom and remote exams. Proctortrack is the world’s most advanced and easiest in-classroom and remote proctoring solution that allows educational institutions to conduct online exams effortlessly without worrying over the risks of cheating and cyber security.