CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER made Easy with Proctortrack

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More than 7 million students prepare for CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exams each year. Everyone wants to collect as many possible credits to have a smooth and successful college transition. With more than 6000 reputed institutions in its bucket, the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exam has earned a massive reputation amongst the academic fraternity since its inception in 1900. Proctortrack has been a proud proctoring partner for CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exams and serves several students annually. 

Let us see how Proctotrack makes life easy for test takers and administrators for ACCUPLACER Exams.

What is the College Board’s ACCUPLACER test?

CollegeBoard is a non-profit organization operating for more than 100 years. The tests conducted using the CollegeBoard platform help institutions determine if students are ready to take college-level courses. The tests evaluate students on parameters such as reading, writing, and mathematical abilities. These tests help students determine where they stand for carving a successful college degree path. 

CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER tests support counselors and advisors in understanding the aptitude of students. Basis their ACCUPLACER test scores, students would either move forward with college admission or seek additional support for enhanced readiness. Using their test scores, students can earn college credits and jump-start their academic journey on a fast-track path using their test scores.

Simple Steps to Get Started:

• For Administrators:

Setting up CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exams with proctortrack is pretty simple, and administrators can follow a few simple steps using this LINK. The customer support team from Proctortrack will always be there to help. 

  1. Register your institute using nine digits ACCUPLACER Site ID and select the method of proctoring as per your requirement (Live/Automated)
  2. Set up a test and generate a voucher code for the ACCUPLACER Exam formulated
  3. Share the Voucher Code with Your Student for taking up the ACCUPLCER test at their convenient time.

• For Students:


As soon as the students receive the voucher code generated by their college administrators, they can follow these simple steps to Get Started.

  1. As soon as your school registers you to take an ACCUPLACER test, you will receive an email from ACCUPLACER with your voucher code. This voucher code will allow you to schedule and take your test.
  2. With the voucher code, you can register with Proctortrack. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email from Proctortrack.
  3. Post the registration is confirmed, you will log into Proctortrack and complete your profile, including the identity verification process. Once your profile passes the approval step, you can log in and schedule your test.
  4. At the time of your test, you will have to download the Proctortrack Desktop app, Chrome browser plugin, and mobile App. Once configured, you will proceed to take your ACCUPLACER exam.

An advantageous and proven method for preparing for the ACCUPLACER exam is taking an ACCUPLACER practice test before the actual exam. Practice tests will prepare the students for the real test scenario and can help identify any technical or procedural glitch during the ACCUPLACER practice test online.

Why is Proctrtrack the Choicest Proctoring Partner for the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER Test?

Online proctoring is a critical part of CollegeBoard’s ACCUPLACER exams. The format of the exams allows students to appear for the tests from the comfort of their homes, and such comfort comes with the requirement of stringent yet simple invigilation. Let us see how Proctortrack has won the hearts of administrators and students across the regions as far as CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exams are concerned.

• Flexibility in Scheduling

Proctortrack understands that time is invaluable for the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exam aspirants; hence, the proctoring solution provides a wide range of exam slots. So, students can easily choose an appropriate time for their test without disturbing their routine.

• Live Proctor Support

At any point during the ACCUPLACER placement test, if the student requires any support or guidance, live proctors are always ready to help. The live proctors available to support the AI-based invigilation conducted through Proctortrack have the proper training to do their bit. 

• Continuous Customer Support

At any point in time, the administrators or the students can expect seamless and thorough support from the competent customer support team of Proctotrack. Our support team is always ready to assist with the most appropriate and prompt solutions under their sleeves. 

• Lightweight Application

The Proctortrack application is effortless to download and install. Despite its ultra-advanced features, the App does not affect the functioning of the operating system, which is fantastic as students can attempt their tests without feeling a hitch.

• Highest Data Security for Students

A grave concern for students while downloading any application is the risk associated with data security. Proctortrack ensures that every test using Proctortrack has the ultimate data security compliance. Students can focus on giving their ACCUPLACER exams without fear of an invasion of their privacy or data. Every machine and test is secure when Proctortrack is at work.

• Cost-Effective

Administrators and students are happy to use Proctortrack for the price benefit. Setting up and taking an ACCUPLACER exam is quite economical using Proctortrack, and this pocket-friendly proctoring solution offers state-of-the-art technology with little load on the wallet. Administrators can choose if they want support for Live proctoring or if they wish to move forward using the Automated alternative for proctoring. Either way, Proctortrack dominates using its best-in-class technology and lowest pricing structure.

Ace CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER with Proctortrack

Using Proctortrack for the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exam is a win-win for administrators and students. Proctortrack ensures the highest security and ultimate ease throughout the test process. Besides being the most cost-effective proctoring solution, Proctortrack offers the best in industry client support. So, book your CollegeBoard’s ACCUPLACER test with Proctortrack now and conquer.