Smart Things to Consider While Choosing an Online Proctoring Solution

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Online proctoring has transitioned from a good-to-have to an essential part of the education spectrum. Online courses must synchronize with intelligent online proctoring solutions to maintain and enhance academic credibility. On the other hand, offline systems with BYOD ( bring your own device) approach for exams also should invest in intelligent proctoring software to defeat advanced cheating tricks.

Here are some valuable tips to help you choose the best remote proctoring solutions.


• Scalability and Flexibility

It is essential to find an online proctoring solution that can cater to any number of students. For instance, online proctoring solutions such as Proctortrack can serve to proctor assistance to a small and large groups of students simultaneously. The technical capability of the software should be able to take up many students without crashing down. 

• Privacy Approach

Any online proctoring software you may wish to use should have the highest regard for the institute’s and students’ data security. For apparent reasons, proctoring software will need access to the inside of the system. Still, it should come with the assurance that the data retrieved is going to be used for academic and invigilation analysis purposes only. Online proctoring software veterans like Proctortrack knows this full well and operate within the periphery of critical laws like FERPA( Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and SOPIPA ( Student Online Personal Information Protection Act).

• Accessibility Across Devices

There may be different devices at work for online exam purposes. Compatibility with all these devices and operating systems is an essential feature of an excellent online proctoring solution. Such technical flexibility will help the institutes take care of the remote proctoring solutions seamlessly during exams. 

• Costing and Pricing

Ideal online proctoring solutions should also come with economic advantages, primarily when the exams are on a larger scale. Institutes should choose an online proctoring partner that has a better financial proposition. As institutes have already deployed LMSs and associated ancillary IT infrastructure, the online proctoring system should not become a burden. Proctortrack’s proctoring platform has been mindful of its pricing structure, keeping in mind the financial situation of institutes and individual administrators. Hence, it has become a partner of choice for many leading institutes. 

• Features

 The online proctoring solution should be comprehensive in all aspects. The application’s interface or operation should be user-friendly, but the robustness has to be uncompromisable. Another consideration is that the software must have flawless compatibility with all major operating systems. This will help the software operate efficiently along with all its features. From primary attributes like biometric identity verification to advanced ones like the capability to detect virtual machines needs to be in place. All leading proctoring software have automated virtual proctoring solutions and hybrid systems to keep human proctors in a loop for extra security.

• Integration

The best proctoring software has the technical capability to integrate with the existing LMS of any institution. The security can be top-notch if the examination process is under the seamless amalgamation of the LMS and the online proctoring software. It also means that students will have less hassle of installing and configuring a new application or software primarily for the exam day. 

• Customer Support

proctortrack is online proctored exams allow you to conveniently and easily take an exam in the comfort of your home or office. Exam-proctoring using proctortrack solution

Several institutes miss out on this crucial checkpoint with uninterrupted client support by the proctoring solution provider. Solid proctoring software providers like Proctortrack have award-winning client support mechanisms. Therefore, they ensure that no student or instructor is struggling in the middle of an exam without enough technical support. Having continuous support from the tech team of the proctoring software makes life easy for not just the instructor but also students.

Summing Up:

Proctoring has been around for ages. Students have been mischievous and always searching for newer techniques to cheat. Educators have constantly been searching for ways to manage them. However, the tips result from the extensive experience of Proctortrack’s proctoring services. Hence, they will give your a fair idea of what is non-negotiable when you choose your remote proctoring partner. The tips mentioned here can work as your remote proctoring guide to making the best decision possible. So choose the best exam proctoring solution to safeguard the integrity of your exams.