Adaptive Learning Is The Future Of Online Education. Learn How!

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It’s no surprise that personalized learning is a boon for a child’s development. Be it education or any other field; if a person gets individual training, it becomes easier to assess a learner’s learning gaps. Undoubtedly, adaptive learning is one such paradigm which fulfills the criteria as mentioned above. In fact, adaptive learning has been the most in-demand pursuit in the education system these days. 

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How is technology making a difference?

adaptive learning technology, online educational system

Adaptive learning has been in the picture since the late 1950s but didn’t come to people’s attention because of the lack of technology. Today, in these challenging times, technology in education has been the only hope for students, learners, and educators to keep things going. Moreover, with the advent of machine learning & artificial intelligence, technology helps gauge each student’s unique learning needs, as indicated by their responses to questions, tasks, and assessments.

Benefits Of Adaptive Learning

One-on-One learning process

adaptive learning in higher education, adaptive learning providers

Adaptive learning helps provide focused and undivided attention to an individual. The concept uses AI and ML algorithms to accustom itself to the learner’s needs, basis their tasks and responses – like an auto-grading system. This, in turn, lessens the learning gap and provides knowledge to students at their own pace.

Time-effective approach

Instead of wasting time on rote learning the concepts that learners have mastered or under-studying concepts they haven’t yet understood, one should find the gap where they lag. Adaptive learning in education helps learners and teachers identify loopholes, prompting them to emphasize that particular subject. This approach saves time for the teacher and helps the student juggling with a subject in the first place.

Boosts confidence in learners

Adaptive Learning Platform for K-12 education sector

The adaptive learning method meets the unique requirements of a student that helps them master their skill. Since the subjects get tailored to their learning needs, it allows them to perform better, which boosts their confidence. 

Role of online proctoring in E-learning

When we talk about online education, there are massive changes that the education system witnessed during the current Covid-19 crisis. Proctoring is one such service deeply embedded in our academic curriculum, especially in the present times. It might not strike you at first, but most of us have experienced proctoring firsthand. For instance, giving your mid-terms or practicals under the supervision of a teacher is nothing but proctoring.  Online proctoring solutions are capable of delivering an authentic online learning experience without the hassle of on-campus visits. 

How Proctortrack is leveraging the online proctoring process

online exams, e learning with AI based proctoring solution proctortrack

Proctortrack is technologically the most advanced and leading-edge remote proctoring solution allowing institutions to administer online exams with integrity.

Simple Setup: Proctortrack can be enabled with one click, from inside your LMS. 

Test on Your Terms: Proctortrack customizes proctoring settings for each assessment, as per your requirements. 

Efficiently Review Violations: Proctortrack provides real-time data of malpractices and detects violations like using a phone, talking to someone in a room, etc. 

Protect Your IP: Proctortrack prevents your exam questions from leaking online and ensures exam integrity. 


Adaptive learning is indeed making a marked difference in the education system. Not only today but in the years to come, online learning methods will cater to interactive and engaging learning environments. For this purpose, AI-powered interfaces and machine learning algorithms play a crucial role in making learning easy and effective. 

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