A Full Panorama Of Online Proctoring Solution Providers!

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As classrooms go virtual due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 academic year brings a new wave of developments in the education sector. With this, the education system quite significantly made a shift to online learning. However, schools and colleges are still not sure how to conduct cheat-proof and secure online exams. And to make it easier, online proctoring tools come into the picture. 

Online Proctoring – The New Norm, Followed By Many To Conduct Online Exams.

Coronavirus outbreak during Online Web Proctored Exams. Online proctoring refers to a digital form of assessment which allow students take a exam any where any time

Proctoring, quite simply, is supervising or invigilating an exam to keep an eye on the person appearing for it. An online exam is taken up by students staying in remote locations, which opens the risk of cheating and suspicious activities. And to conduct cheat-proof web proctored exams, schools and colleges are now relying on online proctoring software. It helps them conduct online exams more efficiently and vigilantly. 

Let’s Have A Look At Various Proctoring Solution Providers And Their Services

Proctortrack By Verificient – Acing The Online Proctoring Game!

proctortrack online exam procotring

About Proctortrack -

Proctortrack by Verificient offers the world’s most advanced proctoring solution combining AI-based and blended live proctoring to deliver quality and price leadership at scale. To achieve this, Verificient deals in artificial intelligence, machine learning, bio metrics, and Trusted Identity as a Service (TIaaS), powered through computer vision.

Proctortrack has delivered over 3 million identity verification and monitoring sessions and detected over 15 million violations.  It also provides IP protection for instructors to prevent their exams from getting leaked online. 

Proctortrack’s online proctoring software facilitates ID authentication and has a per-day proctoring capacity of conducting more than 50,000 exams.

Key Features:

Automated remote monitoring, Live Proctoring blended with AI, Seamless integration with LTI-compatible LMSs, also now available on Google Chromebooks, Browser Agnostic & Cross-Platform Compatible, Ensures 24*7 live support, Biometric Authentication, IP protection to prevent online exam leakage and Custom Reporting & Analytics.

Proctoring Services: Proctortrack comprises four levels of proctoring

Browser Lock. Smart Prevention. Cost-Effective.

Fully Automated. High Quality. Fast Results.

99.5% Accuracy. Best Value. Most Popular.

Exception-based Live Proctoring with AI.

Mercer | Mettl -

Mercer | Mettl is a technology company founded in 2010. The company provides a sophisticated slew of online assessment software, competency-based customized skill assessment tools, result analytics, and proctoring services to a cross-border clientele. It has location-agnostic, robust anti-cheating features, AI-proctored supervision, and human proctoring flexibility. 

Key features:

Configure Online Exam, Automated grading system, Self-service portal, 3-point candidate authentication.

Proctoring Services:

They comprise three levels – Basic, basic+, and advanced. 

ProctorU -

ProctorU provides three kinds of online remote proctoring services that offer functionalities such as auto proctoring and live proctoring. It deals with proctoring examinations through an AI-based system. 

Key features:

Session launch with a live proctor, Multi-factor identity verification via a live proctor, AI-based behavior analysis

Proctoring Services:

Record+ , Review+ , Live+ 

Examity -

Examity is a Massachusetts, US-based, proctoring solution provider. It entered the proctoring market in 2013. It provides auto, live and ID authentication solutions to universities, corporates, and enterprise testing organizations. 

Key features:

Auto & Live proctoring, AI-based software, Curriculum management, ID verification, Reporting and analytics

Proctoring Services:

Auto and live proctoring; ID verification.

Pearson VUE -

Pearson VUE is  headquartered in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. The software entails  computer-based testing for  online practice tests, and high-stakes proctored exams. 

Key features:

Seamless data integration, Robust test driver, Strategic program support. 

Proctoring Services:

Smart scheduling, computer-based testing. 

PSI Services -

PSI Services is a US-based, professional testing services provider that entered the remote/online proctoring market with its acquisition of Software Secure (acquired in 2017) and Innovative Exams (acquired in 2015). 

Key features:

AI-powered proctoring, Integrated proctoring solutions, Enterprise Integration, Automated Test Security and Identity Authentication. 

Proctoring Services:

Atlas cloud and The PSI bridge.

Why Proctortrack Is A Game Changer?

Proctortrack is the only online proctoring solution for online exam proctoring

Proctoring Solution And Service Providers At A Glance.

Top 6 Online Proctoring Solution Providers

Final Thoughts -

Why Proctortrack is the best proctoring solution provider!

From test on boarding to identity verification, seven-point system check, whitelisting and blacklisting apps, real-time live proctoring, and seamless integration, Proctortrack is a complete package for every test taker. Proctortrack also leads the race in accessibility compliance as far as proctoring solutions go. And keeping in mind the ongoing crisis, Proctortrack has become the most reliable proctoring solution provider for educational institutions. It has been an industry leader in maintaining exam integrity, and thus, Proctortrack has become a pioneer in conducting cheat-proof online proctored exams

Find out more about the levels of Proctortrack by visiting this link: https://www.proctortrack.com/solutions/