Apology To Impacted Test Takers On July 16th 2020

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I sincerely apologize for the stress and inconvenience that our failure caused to you and to your lives.

We failed to mitigate the technical issue in time. Proctortrack live proctoring used for your Test sponsor needed room-scan step and two cameras. Every test taker room-scan was to be verified by a live proctor before the test taker was to be allowed to proceed with the exam. However, because of a technical failure many test takers were not able to do their room-scan step and hence were not able to proceed with their exams. 

A live proctor used bad judgement by sending a Facebook friend request to one of the test takers. We acknowledge this behavior is unacceptable and we have taken necessary steps to avoid this from happening going forward.

We are very sorry for the technical failure that caused so much stress to our test takers. We are also very sorry for the lapse in judgement and professionalism by one of our proctors in the Facebook friend request. 

Thanks to many of you who reached out to us about your security concerns. Please allow me to address them briefly here:

  • “I am concerned that proctors accessed my computer” : Our proctors do not have access to your computer. 
  • “I was asked to download TeamViewer or a new version of Proctortrack” : Our proctor may ask you to update the Proctortrack application if an updated version is available. This does not give them access to your computer. Our support staff (not proctors), if contacted, may use TeamViewer-QS to access your computer only after getting your permission. TeamViewer-QS provides a secure and privacy-aware way for providing remote support as explained by this TeamViewer knowledge base article.
  • “I am concerned that a key logger was installed in my browser” : Proctortrack plugin for browser do not log your keystrokes but only restricts certain types of clicks depending on proctoring configuration chosen by your Test sponsor.
  • “I am concerned that the Proctortrack application may be reading my personal files” : Proctortrack does not read any personal file or folder on your computer.

We have compiled more of such concerns at this FAQ page, please do take a look.

We take data security and privacy very seriously, and we would like to assure you that excepting the single Facebook friend request by a proctor, our investigations have discovered no security breach of any kind. In the unlikely event any is discovered which has affected you, you will of course be notified and provided with details. When we have completed the investigation you may request a copy of the report from this page. I would like to reiterate that our proctors do not have access to any of your personal files or information. Proctortrack does not access your personal folders. 

Proctortrack has been used by millions of test takers around the world for trusted identity verification and exam integrity. We have been working tirelessly to provide a safe test taking environment in this pandemic. Our mission is to provide a remote proctoring environment that helps ensure the level of integrity that credentials deserve and for which our test takers have worked hard.   

We acknowledge and accept our failures during your test and we apologize with deep sorrow – because our desire is specifically to improve the test-taking experience. We are already evaluating these events, so we can learn from them how to do that even better.

Please do reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Rajnish Kumar
CEO, Verificient Technologies Inc