Proctortrack leverages automation and live online remote proctoring using AI to deliver innovation, quality and price leadership at scale.

Level 4

ProctorLive AI
  • Live Proctor with AI
  • Hybrid Model
  • True Scalability

Level 3

Proctortrack QA
  • Best Value
  • Most Popular
  • 99.5% Accuracy

Level 2

  • Fully Automated
  • High Quality
  • Fast Results

Level 1

  • Browser Lock
  • Smart Prevention
  • Cost Effective

Why technology matters:

Proctortrack is the ONLY remote proctoring solution that’s BOTH a light Desktop App download that continuously verifies identity and secures monitoring AND a browser extension that ensures browser lockdown and live proctor intervention.

The unique Proctortrack technology approach guarantees
the highest level of Trusted Exam Integrity at the:

Core Operating System for remote proctoring proctortrack

Core Operating
System Level

Online proctoring helps to avoid cheating and do student authentication in online exams

Screen Desktop Level

Webcam enabled proctortrack online test for remote proctoring

User via
Web Camera

online testing platform by proctortrack with Ai based proctoring solution

Testing Environment Level

With these four levels of coverage, Proctortrack captures only 
the minimum amount of data needed and can deliver:

IP protection for remote proctoring when the student take an exam
True content test IP protection
icon exams
Allow for all types of exams including paper - pencil
support for online exam when remote proctoring exam
Deliver live remediation and support
Remain the most cost effective solution on the market

Why technology matters:

The critical risks for using solely a browser extension for remote proctoring

online proctored exam download proctortrack browser extension for proctoring.exam remote invigilation, remote supervisor, invigilator online test, remote invigilation system.
proctortrack is online proctored exams allow you to conveniently and easily take an exam in the comfort of your home or office. Exam-proctoring using proctortrack solution

Test at your convenience

Take your exam from the comforts of home, with no commuting or advanced scheduling required – available anytime, anywhere, on-demand.

Low-cost remote proctoring solution

Automated remote online proctoring offers consistent results at-scale, which translates to a more affordable world class solutions.

Remote Proctoring an AI Powered Cost-Effective Way to Prevent cheating using protortrack solution with online remote proctoring solution
proctortrack is easy to use and student friendly. Proctortrack is remote Proctoring solution offered webcam proctored test.

Easy to use

Just open the app in your LMS to take a hassle-free remote proctored online test. It is student-friendly, convenient - secure and easy to use, comfortable remote proctoring experience.

academic integrity with proctortrack. Cheat proof online proctoring exam proctortrack detect the live cheat

Excel with Integrity

Get the credit you deserve, and emerge from a level playing field with a more valuable degree. Having academic integrity is important because it provides value to your degree.

Automated Proctorless remote proctoring by proctortrack

Automated Proctorless™

Remove the manual element for a less intrusive, more comfortable online proctoring experience. Helps utilizes an automated, proctorless approach to online course exam.

Student Privacy Secure when using the proctortrack online proctoring software taking remotely proctored exam with automated online exam proctoring solution

Student Privacy Secure

All student data is handled in compliance with FERPA regulations, protected with military-grade encryption, and purged in accordance with our data retention schedule - proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.


New features on the mobile version:

  • Mobile Lockdown
  • Selfie ID
  • Room Scan
  • Calculator
  • Test Clock
  • Document Scan

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Over 5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered.

Fully integrated with:
Fully integrated with: